Flat icons are all the rave nowadays, because of they're simplicity, customisability, and ability to fit in easily and neatly. They also come in with a very low overhead if you manage to include them as SVG's or webfonts. Using them as SVG's and webfonts gives you control from within your CSS to customize them on the fly too. One of my favourite resources for flat icons is flaticon.com. They have a massive range of icons, covering everything you may need to add a little extra punch to your project's UI.

More Than Meets The Eye

The beauty about this directory is that you can build your own kit based on your needs, then download it. When you go to download  your set, you're presented with four options:

  • Webfont
  • PNG
  • SVG
  • All

This is great, because you can use whatever suits you best. In my case, I use SVG with a PNG fallback, but choose whatever suits you best! Check out their website by clicking the link below, and bookmark it...it'll come in handy I guarantee it.

Visit FlatIcon.com